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OGS Inc., Our company was established under the name, geographic information technologies (production and standardization of data, remote sensing, image processing, photogrammetry), software development (spatial software, location-based services, spatial data management systems, engineering), engineering services (map production, expropriation, consolidation, planning, environment, forestry, construction) and Document Management System offers on products and services and solutions.


With the use of advanced technology solutions to our customers in all of the projects in the private, flexible and value added, generating solutions that can adapt to new technologies and immediately adopts the principle of unconditional customer satisfaction to a project and construction company.


Customer needs and expectations while providing the best possible solutions and services, software solutions with innovative and fresh by using technology to provide a fast and reliable engineering projects.

Environmental Policy

As an institution, conscious of its social responsibilites, contributing to country economy, attaching importance to environment and human beings;

•  To develop precautions by determining environmental, health, and safety risks, implement methods, which will remove risks, to fulfill health/safety risks arising in the course of the activities we conduct and legal environmental responsibilities, so as to plan products, remedies, and activities, taking the principle of constant development and improvement as a basis,
•  To fulfill/discharge our legal responsibilities  health and safety codes related with the occupational and safety risks emerged in the course our activities,
•  To plan development and implementation activities by a method, which will prevent health, safety, and environmental risks;
•  To ensure reduction of environmental pollution, efficient use of energy and natural resources as an indication of our development,
•  To participate in environmental activities of official and private institutions; and support their activities.