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Designating Of Watersheds And Sub-Basins in Aegean And Mediterranean Region Project

The Scope and Objective of the Project: In this study, it is aimed  to establish totally sediment values  and creating erosion risk maps in 11 watersheds. The pilot watersheds are given as; Kuzey Ege, Gediz, Küçük Menderes, Büyük Menderes, Batı Akdeniz, Burdur, Dogu Akdeniz, Antalya, Seyhan and Ceyhan watersheds. Within the project, in these 11 watersheds, it would be defined the basins and sub-basins, annual sediment values that transported by rivers and created erosion risk maps.  Also, every watershed would be classified key to Water Framework Directive in its own right and its own methodology.

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